2014 | 4'25 | 16MM on DV | color | sound - This short work utilizes imprints from Soviet-era film leader culled from dozens of films viewed while working as an artist in residence in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in 2014. The material was largely 1980’s-era educational and propaganda films that contained a broad range of content, but had only subtle variations on more or less the same leader. Foregrounding the often ignored hand-written or machine printed artifacts found on leader, the imprints become the primary source material for a psychotronic audio/visual salvo set to an original score.

SCREENINGS - Altered States, East Sussex, UK | Festival Images Contre Nature, Marseille, France | Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Miwaukee, WI | San Francisco Cinematheque Crossroads Festival, San Francisco, CA | Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Hawick, Scotland | Festival of [In]Appropriation, Los Angeles, CA | We Have Never Been More Normal, Dope Chapel, Norman, OK | Other Cinema's New Experimental Works, ATA, San Francisco, CA | Antimatter Media Art Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada | Dushanbe Art Ground, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.



2011 | 4'40 | Super 8 | black & white | CD soundtrack - Experimenting with light, movement, and various darkroom techniques, abstraction and repetition coalesce in an array of chance encounters that harmonically resonate to an original music score.

SCREENINGS - Festival Images Contre Nature, Marseilles, France | Underground Worlds, East Sussex, UK | San Francisco Cinematheque Crossroads Festival, San Francisco, CA.


2010 | 4'30 | Super 8 on DV | color | sound - An immersive narrative experience of dream and allusion. Original music and anonymous Super 8 footage from the Prelinger Archive dovetail with the voice of the poet who reads a work based on the mixed prose/verse forms found in classical Chinese literature. Poetry, Peter Streckfus, Editing/Music, John Davis.

SCREENINGS - Zebra Poetry International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany.


2009 | 12'50 | Super 8 on DV | color | sound - This hand processed and solarized film is a meditation on the delicate balance of nature and the pervasive beauty of the environment. Utilizing original music and voice recordings from the 1960's, a version of the film was also used as accompaniment for live music collaboration with Maxwell August Croy for The On Land festival in San Francisco.

SCREENINGS - Swedenborg Film Festival, London, England | VIDEOEX, Zurich, Switzerland | P'Silo Images Contre Nature, Marsailles, France | Optronica, Other Cinema, San Francisco | On Land Festival, San Francisco.



2008 | 9'00 | Super 8 on DV | color | sound - Using the death chamber audio recording from the botched execution of Alpha Otis O'Daniel Stevens, this film encourages continued debate over the practice of capital punishment.

SCREENINGS - Some Place I Don't Belong, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA | Ljubljana International Short Film Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia | Mikkro International Short Film Festival, Muska Sobota, Slovenia | 21st Edition Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques, Marseilles, France | ATA Film Festival, San Francisco; Milan Film Festival, Milan, Italy | Visions in the Nunnery, The Nunnery, London, UK | Multichannel, ArtSway, Hampshire, UK | P'Silo, Festival Images Contre Nature, Marseille, France.

WINNER - Best Experimental Film, Mikkro International Short Film Festival, Murska Sobota Prize, Slovenia.


2006 | 9'55 | DV | color | sound - An exploration into the psychology of luck, a woman collects chestnuts and then offers them to passersby. A project realized as an artist in residence at KSA:K Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau, Moldova, 2006.

SCREENINGS - Alte Arte Television, Chisinau, MD.


2006 | 13'30 | 16mm on DV | black & white | sound - A resurrected Soviet propaganda film from the 1980's is matched to a visceral sound montage that animates spectres from recent history.

SCREENINGS - Long Play: Bruce Conner and the Singles Collection, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art | Drifting Identity Station at the Centre International d’Accueil et d’Echanges des Récollets, Paris, France | Nexmap: Binary Cities, San Francisco, CA | Optica Festival, Paris, France.


2005 | 14'00 | DV | color | sound - A video camera records the light from within Super 8 and 16 mm motion picture projectors, pursuing their luminous biproducts and accidental beauty.

SCREENINGS - Cinema Arts Series, Reflections: Material and Metaphor, Exploratorium, San Francisco | ColorFieldremix, Corcoran Gallery of Art's Armand Hammer Auditorium, Washington, DC | Live A/V, Other Cinema, Spring 2006, Artists' Television Access, SF, CA | Optica Festival, Gijon, Spain | Optica Festival, Paris, France.


2004 | 16'30 | DV | black & white | sound - Zanuck's epic film is crushed into a sixteen and a half minute study on the brutality of war.

SCREENINGS - T-minus Film Festival, Club Tonic, NY, NY | cinemania[c], mmc Luka/HDLU Istle, Pula, Croatia.


2003 | 8'00 | DV | color | sound - Using academic areas of inquiry as departure points for examining contradictions within the American cultural value system, this video creates a tense euphoria with image and sound.

SCREENINGS - L.A. Freewaves 20th Anniversary Festival, LACMA, Los Angeles, CA | Entr'acte, Art Athena International Art Fair, Athens, Greece | Multiplex Festival, The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN | Flowerpot Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia | LA Freewaves 9th Celebration of Experimental Media Arts, LA, CA | Transmediale, International Media Art Festival, Berlin, Germany | Crash, Southern Exposure, SF, CA | The 8th International Festival of New Film, Split, Croatia | Impakt Festival, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands.


2001 | 10'00 | DV | color | sound - Appropriated television images and music accompany excerpts from a sound effects CD, all seeking connections between nationalism, television, and Voltaire’s satire Candide.

SCREENINGS - 9th Annual Arizona State Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival, Tempe, AZ | Video Mundi, Mismanaging my Image, Chicago, IL | Transmediale, International Media Art Festival, Berlin, Germany | Smogdance, dA Center for the Arts 5th Annual Film Festival, Pomona, CA | Vancouver Underground Film Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada | Avant to Live, Other Cinema, SF, CA | VIDEOEX, International Experimental Film and Video Festival, Zurich, Switzerland | Alternative Visions: Retrieved Images, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA | South By Southwest Film Festival, Austin, TX | Videomaraton, [KSA:K] Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau, Moldova | Witness, Southern Exposure, SF, CA | Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema, SF, CA | Impakt Festival, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands.

WINNER - LeBlanc Audience Choice Award, 9th Annual ASU Short Film and Video Festival, Tempe, AZ | Special Jury Prize for Best Experimental Short, South by Southwest Film Festival, Austin, TX | Jury Prize, Experimental Video, dA Center for the Arts Film Festival, Pomona, CA.



2000 | 10'00 | DV | color | sound - Based on a Kierkegaard essay of the same name, sound and image guide a series of related vignettes that explore personal relationships and the duelling concepts of fear and faith.

SCREENINGS - South By Southwest Film Festival, Austin, TX | North By Northwest Film and Video Festival, Portland, OR | Alternative Requirements, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA.


1998 | 10'00 | Super 8 on DV | color | sound - Examining the meditative qualities of sleepless cross country drives, this film considers how the landscape triggers memories and flashbacks that shift one's sense of time and reality.

SCREENINGS - Road Movies, curated by Heike Liss and Nomi Talisman, The LAB, SF, CA | Behind The Screen: Photographers in Film, The Exploratorium Museum of Science and Perception, SF, CA.